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Name- Allison Nicknames- Allie, Al DOB- 11/23/87 Hair- long staright DARK brown w/light brown highlights Likes- Music*reading*shopping*hanging out w/friends*painting drawing art in general*taking photo's*acting*singing*dancing (ballet, tap & jazz), watching movies/tv*going on-line*frozen vanilla chai's*good times w/freinds*warm weather*being loved etc...... Dislikes- *Snakes*spiders*sharks*meatloaf*peas*onions*needles*pain....*crying*fighting with friends*unnecessary drama*cold weather*CT*backstabbers*excessive liars*excessive drinkers or drug users*people who judge others to quickly*overacheviers or showoffs

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Jul 27, 2004
-*- Bored out of my MiNd!-*-

Hey everyone! What's up? Nothing here at all! Ahhh so bored. There's nothing to do like at all....  :( I have work tonight but that isn't until later, at 5 actually. I'm wondering how much I'm going to get paid for my paycheck....I hope it's a good amount because I'm going shopping w/courtney on friday. If I don't get alot then I'll ask my mom and dad for a little more, because after all it is school shopping. I don't know when I'll see anthony again....maybe tomorrow. He went out for lunch with his grandma and his brother and cousins. Noone is home right now it's very quiet. My little brother went to camp and my older brother is probably working and my mom and dad went to run a few errands. I need to make a appoinment for my hair soon. Gonna have it chemically straightened! :-D It's like 67 dollars!
=-0 O well it will be well worth it lol. Well I'm gonna go. Bye <3 yas -Allie

Posted at 01:56 pm by Artbaby2387
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Jul 26, 2004
-*-Good old summer day :) -*-

Hey all! Hahaha sounds kinda southern lol. So anyways. Hmmm pretty bored here. My day was pretty good. First I went with my mom to brought off Bryan and then we went to run a few errands. I had to buy black pants for work. Which I have tomorrow.....Good news though I'm going to the West Farms mall w/Court on Friday :) Something to look forward to. I don't no how much money I'm gonna get from my paycheck... :-/ If I don't get alot I'll ask my parents for more cuz I'm gonna go back to school shopping at that mall because it's awesome and way better than meriden mall lol. So yea as far as I know I'm not doing anything this week expect for working and mall on friday. But maybe my plans will change....hmm who knows? Well I'm gonna go.... Bye! <3 yas -Allie

Posted at 09:04 pm by Artbaby2387
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Jul 25, 2004
-*- Fun night, mellow out....-*-

"I feel the dream in me expire,and thereís no one left to blame it on,
I hear you label me a liar,Ďcause I canít seem to get this through,You say itís over, I can sigh again, yeah,Why try to stay sober when Iím dying here" I like that song fine again by Seether. It's pretty so is Broken by them.
So last night was pretty fun! Anthony came over and we ordered pizza and I made him go to walmart for me but somehow he got lost the first time and ended up in Meriden....lol. But he went back because I told him how to get there. Then like afterwards Courtney and melissa came over and we tried to make a fire it was ok, then me and anthony and court went to wendy's to go get food. Then like way later at like 11:30 or so me court and anthony and Bryan went in the pool. Melissa didn't go in. Then afterwards everyone slept over. But they all left fairly early this morning, courtney was gone before I even got up lol. Then melissa left then anthony was last. I have work tonight ohhhh how exciting! Hahaha not. Other than that I'm doing jack shit tonight lol. How fun. I hate when I'm bored in the summer BLAHHHH! Well I'm going to go and fix myself some lunch or ummm I dunno dinner? no no lets just call it lunch even though it's 2:33. Bye everyone! <3 yas -Allie

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Jul 24, 2004
-*- Better days are yet to come....-*-

Hey everyone what's up? Not alot here i guess. Pretty bored right now....I'm babysitting Bryan for awhile today ummm well like all day lol. My parents left at 12 and won't be back till late tonight they went to Boston to see my dad's cousin....and there going out for dinner. Yea so I'm babysitting Bryan....Anthony is going to come over and help me. I think he's sleeping over because i want him to drive down himself and he can't drive in the dark (he's not allowed to) so he wants to stay late so I'm like o well why don't you just sleepover? I'll let him sleep in my bed and I'll sleep on the couch. I had like the worst night ever last night......ahhh yucky. I mean work was alright.....but it was work so it still sucked. Then after work I was supposed to go to Anthony's but it didn't work. Then I thought I'd call emily and she wasn't home and neither was court.So i was a little bummed by that whole situation. Then i found out something from anthony that kind of upset me even though it's not exactly my business I still got upset....alot. Well actually I don't no if i me being upset was due to that or other stuff. I don't know what it was but I just started to cry. I can't even tell you why I did it I just cried and I can't pinpoint the real reason. I seriosuly sometimes think there is something wrong me, because I cry for like no reason....I don't even no why. Strange..... Well on a better note I get my paycheck on Thursday :-D I still have a little ways to go until Thursday but I'm so damn excited! Money for back to school shopping yay! ;) O yea yesterday was good also because I hung out with Annie. I always have  a good time when I'm with her, we always joke about the past and all the old times. I miss the old days sometimes, when things weren't so complicated. It makes me sad sometimes at how things have dramatically changed. Back then It seemed everyone was so much more happier.... But oh well... Yea so we walked to the center of town, thank god we got a ride like alot of the way. One of annie's friends saw us and asked us if we wanted a ride. It saved us alot of time! So we went to halfway moon and then we walked down and annie went to the nail place and got acrylics. But yea that was pretty much my day yesterday, from good then to shitty. But it's ok today will be better hopefully :-/ lol. Well I must go I'll update you tomorrow on what's going on! Bye <3 yas -Allie

Posted at 02:26 pm by Artbaby2387
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Jul 22, 2004
-*-chai's postoffice and fun! ;) -*-

Hey everyone! What's up!? Not much really, anthony is over! We went to the postoffice because I had to send a package. I'm sending a package to a counsleor at camp, she was like my fav counselor so i made her some cookies and sent her two king size reeses cups and some sour watermelon things. It was kinda funny because me and anthony weren't sure if we would have enough money to pay for the package so were like filling out the thing like where it's going and my dad showed up buying stamps so he paid for it! lol. Then after that we went to a coffee shop and i had frozen vanilla chai yummy i love those things! And anthony got a frozen vanilla latte hahaha i totally pulled him in! It's his new obbession hehhe ;) all thanks to me! yay! So yea anyways last night was my first day of work..... it wasn't that bad expect for all the buttons on the register that shit is sooooo confusing! I hope i don't get the register alot. Making the sodas and taking the orders and putting them on trays is alot easier! Easy money to! lol. I'm working tomorrow at 5 till 8  and then sunday the same time.... Hmm i suppose that's about it my life is pretty boring....lol. Well i'm gonna go I'll talk to u tomorrow <3 Allie!

Posted at 03:51 pm by Artbaby2387
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Jul 19, 2004
-*-Good day-*-

Hey everyone! what's going on!? Not alot here, pretty bored......blah. Well my day was kinda uneventful but it's all good. I slept over court's house last night so i was there this morning. Then anthony came over and we chilled at courtney's house and watched peter pan. Peter pan is actually a good movie, not bad lol. Then after me and anthony went to my house and just chilled out. Then i had a job interview. I think I got in :) yay very excited! It's at a food place called Duchess. I mean it's nothing special at all but I totally need the money. So yea i need to get working papers and all that good shit and i also need a picture id and then i should be set.I went in the pool with bryan tonight the water wasn't that cold, it only was for a little bit then i got used to it.Well lets see tomorrow i'm going to anthony's house he's driving me....after some persuasion from me to my parents. There such rule freaks! I mean none actually follows that stupid ass law anyways. No friends in the car for 6 months yea blah blah blah. The accidents teenagers get into are not due to having friends in their car it's because they drive to fast. So keeping friends out of teens cars for 6 months is not going to help. God just another list of reasons why i hate CT! K well enough of my whining i guess I'll be going! Goodnight Bye <3 Allie                          

Posted at 11:00 pm by Artbaby2387
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Jul 18, 2004
-*-Good old summer..ahhhh :) -*-

Hey all! What's up? Not alot here pretty bored actually. I just got back from the mall. I bought scandals and makeup. I'll probably go back to school shopping sometime in august. It feels so weird to not be at camp, because usually at this time I'm at camp. I think Anthony is coming over tomorrow :) yay! Hmm lets see I'm doing nothing tonight.....maybe watching the secret window with my mom,lol. Hmmm really bored........BLAHHH. lol. Well i guess I'll go bye! -Allie

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Jul 17, 2004
-*-Welcome one and all! ;) -*-

hey everyone! What's happening!? Wow another blog....i always lose the passwords to these things and need to make new ones so here i am with another new one but i wrote down my password and user name so hopefully i won't lose it now lol. Well camp is over for me for the summer. I was there for 4 weeks o boy man was that a roller coaster ride..... :-/ I had some good times and i had some bad times, they were times I never wanted to leave and there were times where all i wanted to do was go home. But I think it was a good expereince for me. Now i have the dilemma of finding a job :-/ I'm gonna apply at Walmart, i know it's not the best put I gotta take what i can get......if i even get it that is....lol. School starts September 2nd ahhh i really don't want to go back! Junior year is gonna be sooooo hard! But I still have a little of july left then all of august! :) Ahhh i love being home summer is the best! :-D Ahh I'm so tired I've been waking up at like 7 every morning for the past 4 weeks cuz of camp it's pretty brutal....espically in the summer! Well i suppose I'll go  Bye -Allison

Posted at 11:30 pm by Artbaby2387
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